TORONTO -- As an Irishman in the Danish film "Love is All You Need" -- directed by Oscar winner Susanne Bier -- you might think Pierce Brosnan felt like the odd man out.

Not so, according to the former James Bond, who in fact says he had the "time of (his) life" making the buzzed-about romance in Italy.

"I felt very at home," the 59-year-old actor said during an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival, where the critically acclaimed film has screened.

"I don't like talking that much anyway, except for doing these (interviews) -- I only have so much to say for myself at the best of times.

"So I could just sit at dinner (as) they'd yak away in Danish. But most of the time, if not all of the time, they spoke English and brought me in. We became good friends."

He certainly hit it off with golden-haired co-star Trine Dyrholm, his romantic interest in the film.

The former "Remington Steele" star portrays Philip, a widowed businessman who sponsors his son's lavish wedding on a picturesque chunk of the Italian coast. Dyrholm plays the mother of the bride, an ebullient woman who doesn't let an ongoing battle with cancer or the dissolution of her marriage drain her positivity on her daughter's wedding day.

Brosnan credits Bier with creating such a welcoming atmosphere on set. But Bier, who helmed 2010's Academy Award-winning "In a Better World," says she didn't need to do much to ensure Brosnan's warm reception.

"He was wonderful -- he was so generous and great," Bier said in a separate interview Monday. "But he was also like, surrounded by any number of beautiful blond actresses who didn't want anything but to be near him.

"So I think he had a pretty good time."

He certainly did.

"It will be forever cherished," Brosnan said with a smile.