Stephen LeDrew

Stephen LeDrew


Stephen LeDrew co-hosts CP24 Live at Noon and appears regularly as a commentator.

A lawyer and a broadcaster, LeDrew established his roots in Petrolia, a small-town in southwestern Ontario. He now lives in downtown Toronto.

LeDrew has always been outspoken in his views and as a commentator, he provides no shortage of opinions on all matters Canadians care about. Whether it be in politics, entertainment, sports or social trends, LeDrew provides thought-provoking insight on all the issues that impact every citizen.
As an interviewer, LeDrew likes to have fun with government “busy bodies” as he calls them. He’s not afraid to question initiatives, and asks tough questions about Canada’s future as a modern country.
LeDrew aims to engage citizens to watch, listen, think and be entertained.

As a long-time political aficionado, LeDrew is able to break down the issues at City Hall, Parliament Hill and Queen’s Park in a way that is relevant and interesting to people at home.

Before he became a commentator, LeDrew made a name for himself as a lawyer specializing in public policy.