Ontario Transportation Minister Glen Murray and TTC Chair Karen Stintz say they’ll set aside their differences and work together on the Scarborough subway project.

The two had fought about the project over Twitter Thursday evening, but reconciled after they each spoke with CP24’s Stephen LeDrew Friday.

"We'll continue to work to fill funding gap and to bring all levels of government together to fulfill the transit needs of Torontonians," Stintz said in a tweet shortly after the two met.

The spat was sparked Thursday when Murray said the province would commit $1.4 billion to the subway project. However, council voted on Wednesday to build a subway only if the province contributed $1.8 billion.

Murray said the federal government should come up with the balance.

His announcement sparked a blunt response from Stintz, who told CP24 Thursday that if the province doesn’t provide the full $1.8 billion, the subway won’t happen.

Murray struck back, saying it was inappropriate for municipal officials to give orders to the province.

“I wouldn't dream of dictating to council. Why would a Toronto City councillor think you should direct a prov gov't,” Murray wrote on Twitter.

In comments to the Toronto Sun, he also said Stintz was “becoming the biggest impediment” to the project.

While Stintz and Murray appeared to have made up Friday, it wasn’t clear anything had changed in the subway saga.

The provincial government reiterated Friday $1.4 billion will be dedicated to the Scarborough subway expansion and about $320 million will go towards making significant improvements to the Kennedy subway station.

Ottawa chimes in

Earlier in the day, the federal government also chimed in to the debate, chastising Murray for suggesting Ottawa pick up the tab for the $400 million funding gap.

“Despite his presumptuous claim, provincial Transportation Minister Glen Murray is, ‘not in charge,’” Conservative MP Peter Kent said in a news release. “Where the provincial government has only recently flip-flopped, claiming its support for subways, the Harper Government has made continuing unprecedented investments in transit across the GTA.”

Kent said the federal government is awaiting a formal proposal from the city and the province to decide what funds they’ll contribute.

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