We are strictly volunteer run. We are not professional counselors, but we have experienced the devastating pain of losing a beloved pet. We feel that the task of grieving and mourning can be difficult.  Among the tasks involved, we are required to journey from an active relationship of the present to a comforting relationship of memory.

Not an easy journey to make...and harder yet to make alone.

At our meetings, we encourage people to share stories about their pets, the loss they've encountered and the feelings that they currently have to deal with.

We do have access to professionals within the grief area, should anyone require (Fee’s may apply with professionals). We have a small resource lending library.

We have no fees associated with any of our services. We rely on membership fees/donations.

As of this year we are currently registered with the OVMA (Ontario Veterinary Medical Association) In continuing to spread our information, we now offer presentation to Veterinary clinics.

Our Mission:

Is to provide people who are struggling with the death of a beloved companion animal with somewhere to turn to for support: to educate the general public about the depth and importance of the human/companion animal bond and the grief process.

We currently have 2 locations:
Toronto: McDougall & Brown
Mississauga: Scott’s Funeral home

If you need the meeting locations, please let me know and I will be glad to provide them to you.

Our phone information:
Burlington: 905-637-5233
Mississauga: 905-272-4040
Oakville: 905-842-2252
Toronto: 416-782-1197

All calls are returned within 24hrs.

Our email: ontariopetloss@gmail.com


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