When I first started this diet, my trainer Michelle assured me that I would not only look better but I'd feel a lot better. And she was right, after eliminating grains, processed sugar and dairy from my diet I feel less bloated, am having less cravings and am feeling a lot less sluggish.

But after about three weeks of healthy eating and regular workouts, I want to know when I'm going to look as good as I feel.

For me it's not so much about losing weight but toning up. Those are my goals.

I want abs and arms that look less like my cute grandmother's. And if I'm going to give up chocolate milkshakes I better get a booty worth shakin'.

I sent my daily food journal to Michelle and asked her a question that made me feel a lot like the girl in that "Sh** girls say to their trainer" video.

"Shouldn't I look like an athlete by now? After all I did do a full dead lift the other day," I asked, half joking.

Michelle, ever so patient, gave me some words of advice that's worth sharing with anyone trying to get fit.

"Dear Sandie, this is why you don't look like an Australian surfer girl: It's hard to see changes in yourself because you see yourself every day. For someone who doesn't have to drop eight dress sizes, or lose 30 pounds, its going to be a combination of little changes. So take little victories like a flatter looking stomach and just work your butt off until the next one comes!

"The other thing is this: To change the composition of your body you must essentially replace the existing fat with muscle. In order to do that you have to lift heavy weights, plain and simple! Now as much as I'd love to throw you under a 135-lb. squat we have to first make sure your body can handle that. Learning the movements and grooving the mind/muscle connection, and making sure your ligaments and tendons are also strong enough to withstand that kind of weight all must happen first. Think of what we are doing now as the foundation to a solid house ... you wouldn't skimp on the foundation just to get the house done faster, right? That said, don't for a second think that you aren't putting on muscle already!"

It was just the pick-me-up message I needed.

It's true what people say, dropping weight is not about fad diets, it truly is a lifestyle change. Lifestyles don't change in three weeks and while patience is certainly not a virtue of mine, there are some things worth waiting for.

*Remember to check with your doctor before beginning any fitness/ health routine

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