No stranger to working in front of the TV camera, former Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Sergeant Cam Woolley has been a fixture for years on newscasts across the GTA - known for his colourful reports from the OPP Highway Safety Division.

After years explaining complex traffic incidents to the province's media, Woolley is perfectly suited for his role as CP24's Traffic and Safely Specialist.

The highly-sought-after Woolley helms the CP24 Breaking News Cruiser, reporting live throughout the day from locations throughout the GTA. In addition to his duties at CP24, Woolley will also lend his expertise to other CTV properties in Toronto.

In his 30 years with the OPP, Woolley has received recognition from numerous organizations for his role in bringing traffic safety issues into the media spotlight, promoting public awareness and discussion on everything from bad drivers on a holiday weekend, highway design problems, fatigue, seatbelts to drunk driving.

Woolley has also been the OPP's lead investigator on many high-profile, fatal motor vehicle collisions involving unsafe rigs and hit-and-runs.