While some parties in the House of Commons are working to draw a line in the sand and form a new coalition government, members of the online community across Canada are doing just the same.

Web users on all sides of the political spectrum have come out in force since the Liberal Party and the NDP announced Friday that they would try to form a new government, propped up by the Bloc Quebecois.

Since the news of the coalition first emerged, sites including those about hosting petitions to others organizing mass rallies across the country have popped up online.

A group calling itself "Make Parliament Work" is organizing rallies across Canada, including Parliament Hill. Its creators support the potential coalition, and list their Toronto rally for Saturday at noon.

"The opposition parties are acting in a responsible manner," states the site. "They are not going to force another costly and time-consuming election."

The very vocal side in support of a continued Conservative government is also hosting a rally on Saturday at noon, in Toronto and across the country.

A website called "Rally for Canada" lists the locations and lays out its concerns with a coalition involving the Bloc Quebecois.

"The government of Canada would be at the mercy of people committed to destroying our confederation," it states. "Support democracy, not political games, in this time of crisis."

Petitions have also been launched from both sides, under the names Canadians For Democracy and Canadians for a Progressive Coalition.

While the former, which is against the coalition, doesn't display its numbers, the latter has already been signed by almost 13,000 people who support the potential new government.

CP24.com has also been flooded with comments on the issue, receiving nearly 500 since the opposition parties signed a coalition pact Monday afternoon.