A man who is at the centre of a high-profile Chinatown shoplifting case is once again being accused of stealing from a Toronto shopkeeper.

Anthony Bennett, 52, is now accused of stealing flowers from a Kensington Market fruit store between May and July. He faces five counts of theft under $5,000. He spent the weekend in police custody and will appear in court on Wednesday to face the charges.

Bennett made headlines after a Chinatown shopkeeper chased him and placed him under citizens' arrest. The business owner, David Chen, told police he detained him after he caught the man stealing from his shop.

Chen was charged with assault and forcible confinement in connection with the incident.

The case is currently before the courts. Bennett testified against Chen on Wednesday. He admitted to stealing from Chen's store but said he didn't deserve to be tied up and thrown into a van.

The case has caught the attention of media across the country as it bring into question how far the public can go to make a citizens' arrest.