Toronto comedian Sara Hennessey is out to ruffle some doilies and she doesn’t care who knows it.

The deadpan joker -- who comes from the suburbs, where the lacy accoutrements rule the roost -- says she takes pleasure in the simple things. That includes well-placed doilies and those that are somewhat askew.

She says she first got into comedy when she realized her unique perspective, when combined with the angst of adolescence, could be harnessed for good.

“I was a weird, hyper kid who had horrible hair and a rash on my face from drooling,” says Hennessey.

“As soon as I turned into an angsty teen, it was my moment to shine.”

Now 26, Hennessey thrives on a mixture of stand-up comedy and character sketches, performing several shows a week in the city’s bustling comedy scene.

She appears regularly on MuchMusic and runs monthly comedy shows in two Toronto venues. She also works at a t-shirt shop.

On Wedesday, she’ll switch it up a little when she hosts a Bingo fundraiser for Ladyfest, a feminist culture event being held later this fall.

“I probably will do a couple jokes off the top as a way of introducing myself, but then it's pure Bingo,” says Hennessey, who admits inexperience in the art of Bingo calling.

“I have a feeling I will get sick of my own voice just saying letters and numbers. I will try and crack people up by possibly speaking in bad accents or sharing humorous anecdotes about life... and Bingo life.”

Hennessey got involved in the event after a Ladyfest organizer saw her one-woman Fringe Festival show, Sara Hennessey Town, this summer.

The caustic comic received much acclaim for the production, a character-hopping, multi-media follow-up to last year’s Sara Hennessey Time.

The experience of making her own videos -- as well as appearing on the award-winning Jon Dore Television Show -- has led Hennessey to believe she could get used to the bright lights of TV.

She says she thought of “Sara Hennessey Town” as “an audition for something that hasn’t happened yet.”

“I could have my own show one day. I could be on your show,” she says, directing the statement to television executives everywhere.

Sara Hennessey Town was notable for its minimal use of props, a style Hennessey says she has been adhering to ever since her formative years in Unionville High School’s drama program.

“I like to let the acting be the main thing and not have to rely on a doily,” she said frankly, referencing a phase when she took to spreading doilies all over her Ikea furniture. “But if used properly, I think they’re great.”

Sara Hennessey can be seen tonight at the Ladyfest Bingo Fundraiser at the Holy Oak Café. She also hosts two monthly shows: Comedy at the Ossington on the first Wednesday of every month, and Hour of Power, the fourth Sunday of the month at the Rivoli.