Douglas Campbell

Where Douglas stands on the big issues facing Toronto:

1. Bike lanes have become a heated topic during this campaign. Where do you stand on the issue?

"I'm in favour to a certain degree. Our roads were built for ox-carts, with all due respect, we have a basic problem that needs to be solved, that's the car problem. Gridlock is a major problem, the move to bicycles as a means of reducing C02 is a good step, but we really need to focus on the neutralization of this entire planet."

2. How do you feel about the crime level in Toronto? How do you plan on addressing it?

"Crime is getting worse. I've been here since the thirties, when there were tens of thousands of unemployeed, but to see people now lying in the streets is evidence things are getting worse."

3. How do you feel about the idea of charging road tolls?

"I am definitely against road tolls. It's just a symptom of just how sick people can become when you implement any new taxes on workers."

4. What "big idea" do you have that will be part of your platform?

"It's to tell people, principles are the all important, not the candidate, because if you vote for a candidate you'll end up getting double-crossed."

5. How do you plan on cleaning up the city?

"It's the mentality of Toronto that needs cleaning up, and like I said in the thirties we didn't have people laying on the streets and cheap labour."

6. How do you plan on bringing "new life" to the city?

"University degrees for all, that means history and science, the sooner we get to that level, the sooner we might preserve this planet."

7. How important is accountability while you are in office and how do you plan on monitoring this?

"The level of accountability that exists in Canada is zero. Big salaries for public services sectors have to end. The idea has to be for people to help their fellow man, not steal a million dollars."

8. What are your plans for the city's budget including property taxes?

"My only concern is that we should have public ownership of everything. If we are in a deficit, because councillors are stealing, we have to, if necessary, put these guys in jail. Taxes have to be in accordance with the needs of people."