The sorry state of Toronto’s crumbling expressway did not escape notice by actor Zachary Levi, who mentioned the decaying highway during a stop at Fan Expo Canada in Toronto this weekend.

Speaking to a packed crowd at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Saturday, Levi said he tries to love everyone and to have empathy for what others might be going through, even if he doesn’t like them. 

‘Bad drivers are the worst. Am I wrong? I look at those people. On the road. All the time. On the Gardiner, that’s just slowly falling apart,” Levi said.  “You gotta go, oh that person has a whole life. Who knows where they came from today? Who knows what it is that they have in their life, whether it's their spouse or their job or whatever it is.”

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Zachary Levi

The sorry state of the Gardiner has long been a concern in the city. Rehabilitation work has been carried out in past years in order to patch the worst spots where chunks of concrete have been known to fall. Responsibility for the highway was downloaded onto the city decades ago, but the province has consistently refused to allow tolls to pay for its upkeep.

The eastern stretch of the expressway is slated to be rebuilt, though Mayor Olivia Chow said during her mayoral campaign that she would like to see the city save hundreds of millions of dollars by turning it into a ground level boulevard instead.

Levi, known for his roles in ‘Shazam’ and ‘The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel,’ is no stranger to Toronto, having worked here before, and visited to see his former partner who is Canadian.

Zachary Levi