Nicolas Cage is a movie star with more than 100 film credits to his name, but the Oscar-winning actor may be ready to try something new.

“I feel I’ve pretty much said what I’ve had to say with cinema,” Cage said in an interview with Uproxx published Monday. “I would say, ‘Adios.’ I did what I had to do with cinema and I want to move on now,” he later added.

Currently starring in “Dream Scenario,” Cage has four more film projects he’s slated to appear in. Then, he said, he’s hopeful for a post-film career that will allow him to “switch formats and go into some other way of expressing my acting.”

“I am very interested in immersion streaming with episodic television. I have seen things that can be done now with characters and the time they’re given to express themselves,” he said.

Cage’s credits have allowed him to explore “the margins of film performance” in every genre, he said, but feels he may not have “anything else to learn in cinema.”

Describing himself as a student, Cage is seeking more.

“I might have something to learn in television,” he said.

While a format switch is appealing to Cage, the 59-year-old also wishes to spend more quality time with his family, including his new baby daughter that he shares with wife Riko Shibata.

“What’s important is my children,” Cage said. “I can find an episodic show to do that stays in one place where I don’t have to keep leaving, we can all be together. That, on a personal level, would be great.”

“Dream Scenario” is in theaters now.