TORONTO - Champion sprinter Donovan Bailey is set to share his story of success on and off the track.

Random House Canada announced Tuesday that it's acquired the rights to the Olympic gold medallist's memoir.

The publisher says the untitled book is slated to hit shelves in summer 2023.

After moving from Jamaica to Canada in 1981, Bailey spent nearly a decade focusing on finance and real estate before he started sprinting competitively.

He went on to become a two-time Olympic gold medallist and three-time world champion sprinter who once held the 100-metre world record.

Bailey says the book will relay the wisdom he's gained from family and coaches on the fast track to success.

“I want to share with others the lessons that allowed me to become a champion-whether they apply it to sports, business, or any other aspect of life - so they too can win, without apology,” Bailey said in a statement.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 5, 2022.