Another Celine Dion biopic is in the works.

A publicist has confirmed that Quebec director Marc-Andre Lavoie is set to oversee the English-language film, "Celine Before Celine," tracking Dion's rise to musical superstardom.

The feature is slated for a 2020 production and has been sanctioned by Dion's family.

The Hollywood Reporter says the singer's nephew, Jimmy Dion, is signed on as a screenwriter, and the her mother has given filmmakers access to records about her upbringing in Charlemagne, Que.

While the "My Heart Will Go On" powerhouse has long lent her vocals to movie soundtracks, it seems recently her life is providing plenty of fodder for the big screen.

Last month, Variety reported that French studio Gaumont is working on a fictional "homage" to Dion called "The Power of Love," set for release in 2020.

According to the Hollywood entertainment trade, the film will follow a young Canadian woman who sings her way from humble origins to international celebrity, then is shaken by the death of the love of her life and champion of her career.

In 2008, C-B-C aired a TV biopic about Dion's early career and romance with manager Rene Angelil, who was three times the age of the 13-year-old singer when they met.

Their relationship blossomed into a love affair when Dion reached adulthood, and the two were married for more than two decades and had three children before Angelil's death in 2016.