Cadence Weapon has put a new Stanley Cup twist on his rap anthem "Connor McDavid."

As the Edmonton Oilers head into the second game of the NHL final tonight, the hometown rapper and self-professed fan has issued a revised take on his 2017 tribute to the rookie player, now turned team captain.

"Connor McDavid - 2024 Stanley Cup Version" updates the original lyrics to include current players on the Oilers roster and a wink to the last time the Oilers were in the finals in 2006.

The Polaris prize-winning rapper, born Rollie Pemberton, posted clips on his Instagram account as he prepared to board a flight at Toronto's Pearson Airport headed to Edmonton, for a Monday music video shoot outside Rogers Place.

Pemberton called the turn of events the "most impulsive week" of his life.

If the Oilers win the Cup against the Florida Panthers, it would be the first time a Canadian team has done so in 31 years.

And while the Oilers lost Game 1 on Saturday, Pemberton seems hopeful they could emerge victors, rapping on the track that it's "time for another title."