Flamboyant media personality Enza Anderson says she is once again planning to run for office. The transgendered activist and Metro News columnist says she will attempt to win Toronto’s Ward 27, currently held by Kyle Rae, in the 2010 municipal election.

Anderson, who no longer goes by former moniker “Enza Supermodel,” lost the Ward 27 spot to Rae in the 2003 election. The 45-year-old also ran unsuccessfully for the leadership of the Canadian Alliance party in 2000 and for Toronto mayor in 2000.

In a release issued Wednesday, she says she hopes to represent constituents who have felt excluded by decisions made regarding the ward.

"I'll be expressing my appreciation for my wonderful hometown by working to help any of my neighbours who need a stronger voice," she says, listing reducing bureaucracy and beginning new projects as goals for her term.

She says she hopes her opponents leave her sexuality out of the campaign.

“I expect this be treated as just another statistic that wouldn't normally enter a political discussion, any more than noting a candidate's weight or other physical features,” says the release.

“I can be accused of bringing a little style to the proceedings, but I'm really here to celebrate what makes Toronto great -- individual style."