Former education minister Kathleen Wynne's campaign to replace Dalton McGuinty as Ontario's next premier got a big boost today when Glen Murray dropped out of the race to endorse her.

Murray's decision, which comes just days before Liberal delegates are selected for the leadership convention, leaves six candidates in the race.

Murray, the former mayor of Winnipeg, joked about his inability to drum up financial and delegate support during Wednesday night's final debate among the leadership candidates.

He admitted he didn't have a lot of money -- had "tapped out every friend" -- and could barley afford another campaign pamphlet.

Murray, who was fist elected in a 2010 byelection in Toronto-Centre, had virtually no support among his fellow Liberal caucus members and little among would-be delegates to the leadership convention in Toronto Jan. 25-26.

The 55-year-old Murray had held two portfolios in McGuinty's cabinet, minister of colleges and universities and minister of research and innovation.