Mayor Rob Ford has responded to a published story Tuesday accusing him of giving the finger to an adjacent driver who demanded he get off his cellphone.

When asked about the incident by a CTV reporter, the mayor's spokesperson Adrienne Batra promptly cut the interview short.

"You're done," she can be heard telling the reporter off camera. Ford simply chuckles.

But earlier in the day the mayor took to Twitter and Facebook to call the story about him making the vulgar gesture "inaccurate" and a "misunderstanding."

The Toronto woman who made the accusation told CP24 she pulled up next to the mayor last Friday just after 9 p.m. on Dundas Street, heading towards Spadina Avenue. She first noticed his car because of his license plate that read ROBFORD.

"When I pulled into the left lane and traffic came to a standstill I saw he was talking on his cell phone. I rolled down the window and said ‘get off your cell phone,' and proceeded," Ottilie Mason told CP24 in an email. "When we both stopped (at) the intersection at Spadina, my six-year-old daughter and I gave him a ‘thumbs down' sign"

Mason accused the mayor of responding by putting up his middle finger.

The woman said she rolled down her window and once again shouted at him to get off his cellphone. She alleged that she could see Ford swearing at her through the window before they both drove off in different directions.

"I was pretty shocked when he responded with the finger because a simple apology would have been appropriate," she said.

By Tuesday afternoon, Ford responded to the story on both Facebook and Twitter with a similar message.

"There has been a story published that while I was on the phone I made a rude gesture to a fellow driver," the message says. "This is not accurate and it's unfortunate this misunderstanding occurred."

Mason said the incident has left her with a glimpse into the man who runs the city.

"To me this is not a big news story, Mr. Ford has a huge job to do and I hope he does it well. I really do," she said. " For me this occurrence was just a brief and personal glimpse of the kind of person we have running this city, who doesn't appear to care about the respecting his constituents, or following a law that saves lives."