Health inspectors have shut down four restaurants in the Chinatown/Kensington Market area's latest round of closures due to rodent or cockroach infestation.

Ba Le Sandwiches and Kim Vietnamese Restaurant, both located on Dundas Street west of Spadina Avenue; and Chieng Mai Thai Cuisin and Liu Liu Hot Pot, both on Baldwin Street, have been shut down over the past month.

Chieng Mai Thai has since reopened for business.

Another local business that produces tofu and other soy products was also ordered to be closed by inspectors on March 2.

Fong On Foods was ordered to pay a $25,000 fine after being convicted on food contamination and cockroach infestation charges, the National Post reports.

Residents of the condos located across the street from the Baldwin Street businesses tell CP24 they feel unsettled to see the closures, but say those who live in the neighbourhood know where not to eat.

Members of the Chinatown BIA say they are dismayed but not surprised, and they are doing their best to improve on hygiene in the area.

The owner of a store located beside one of the Baldwin Street restaurants says news of the infested businesses is hurting the reputation of the other restaurants that are compliant.