It’s no wonder over half the North American population is overweight. We hate dieting.  And the latest research suggests it doesn’t work. Today on Wylde On Health, how to lose weight and stay healthy WITHOUT dieting.

  • Look for bread with low yeast because yeast = sugar
  • Have sweet potatoes vs. white potatoes
  • Use unsweetened vanilla/chocolate almond milk as alternative in shakes
  • Use Shirataki noodles vs. pasta – ZERO calories!
  • Eat your egg whites for great source of protein
  • Instead of nibbling on bread basket at restaurant, quickly order a tomato juice to curb hunger
  •  Cut butternut squash sticks are an excellent alternative to French fries

Reducing stress and balancing blood sugar is key to the weight loss formula. Many of you have heard about insulin, even if you have no idea what it does.  Basically, you eat stuff. Stuff has sugar. Stuff PLUS sugar gets absorbed through your intestines into your bloodstream. Blood levels of glucose rise and the cells in the pancreas yell out "Hey, I got this!", so they release insulin, which goes out into the bloodstream and tells the other cells in liver, fat tissue, and skeletal muscle to wake up and get glucose out of the blood and do stuff with it.  Net result: insulin reduces bloodstream levels of glucose when they're high.

 To keep optimal blood sugar levels - whether you have diabetes or not - speak to your doctor or natural healthcare practitioner and ask whether the following natural supplements may benefit you:  Chromium, Vanadium, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Biotin, Aloe, and Cinnamon.

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