NEW YORK (AP) — Chanel Miller's next book after her prize-winning memoir “Know My Name” will help fulfill a longtime dream — to write and illustrate children's stories.

Philomel Books, an imprint of Penguin Young Readers, announced Wednesday that Miller's “Magnolia Wu Unfolds It All” will be released April 23. The publisher is calling the book a “funny and poignant story of friendship and community” centered on a New York City laundromat, a 10-year-old detective and the timeless mystery of missing socks.

“I crafted these characters because I was longing to move freely through the world with fearless curiosity, to refocus on life’s funny little miraculous moments," Miller said in a statement. "I was craving joy and they helped me find it.“

The book will feature Miller's black and white drawings.

Miller was first known to the public as “Emily Doe,” the anonymous victim of sexual assault whose widely read impact statement came out on the day in 2016 that her convicted attacker, Stanford University student Brock Turner, was sentenced to prison.

By 2019, she had revealed her name and completed her memoir, which won the National Book Critic Circle Award among other honors.


This story has been corrected to show that the new book is “Magnolia Wu Unfolds It All," not “Magnolia Wu Unfolds It."