GRIQUET, N.L. - Jamie Ellison's botanical tour of northern Newfoundland provided a whole different kind of nature lesson when he looked out to a local bay and saw an iceberg with a distinctly masculine flourish.

The Nova Scotia-based horticulture instructor and 10 tour companions stood slack-jawed on the shoreline in Griquet as they took in the impressive ice formation and its clear phallic protuberance.

He says their quiet awe quickly turned to giggles, while prompting some “rude comments” as they came up with a name for the soaring structure - “penis-berg.”

Ellison grabbed his telephoto lens and snapped a picture of the giant iceberg, which features a long, tubular piece of ice reaching skyward over a larger mass of ice.

He says the unique iceberg was gone later in the day, likely pushed by strong winds, to make the rounds further down the coast or out to sea.

Ellison, who has seen many icebergs before this, joked that “Mother Nature expresses herself in an interesting manner sometimes.”