HALIFAX -- A Halifax-area pet who nestled into a box for a catnap ended up 1,200 kilometres from home after his owner unknowingly sealed him inside and shipped it away.

Anita Kapuscinska, communications director for the Montreal SPCA, says the organization got a call from Purolator on Dec. 7, saying a cat had been discovered in a package originating from Dartmouth.

The SPCA tracked down the owner, who realized her pet must have snuck inside a box of tire rims while she was preparing it for shipment.

Despite his 17-hour ordeal, the cat, named Baloo, was found in good health, and Kapuscinska describes him as "extremely affectionate."

She says Baloo is on his way home and has been microchipped so the family will be able to find him if he takes any more impromptu vacations.

Kapuscinska recommends that anyone with a cat double check any packages before sending them out since cardboard boxes are a favourite spot for furry felines to crawl into.