OTTAWA - A new exhibition at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa explores the connections between conflict and games throughout history.

“War Games,” which opens to the public Friday, aims to explain how wars have shaped the games people play and, in turn, how gaming has affected military training and strategies.

The Canadian War Museum says the exhibition is presented in five chronological zones, from ancient times to present day, and features various artifacts and interactive components.

Displays include a game board and stones from the ancient strategy game Go invented in China, a game used by British Army officers in the 1880s to simulate operations, a first edition of the popular game Dungeons and Dragons, and a Canadian-designed game that explores the aftermath of a hypothetical earthquake.

The museum says the exhibition also includes “thought-provoking” perspectives from war veterans, military planners and academics.

“War Games” runs until Dec. 31, with more details and ticket information available at

This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 8, 2023.