A new study appears to suggest that iPhone users may be on to something in their choice of smartphone.

The research comes from online marketing company Chitika in a paper aimed at better understanding Internet usage among iPhone users in the U.S.

It found that on a state-by-state basis, iPhone usage tends to be correlated with a high level of education.

The study also found iPhone usage correlated with income and with population density. However Chitika said that information was redundant because education and income level are already highly correlated.

Apple has been going head-to-head in recent years with Google’s Andoid operating system, which appears on phones made by a variety of companies.

However, the authors notes that iPhone traffic continues to account for 46 per cent of app-based smartphone activity in North America. By comparison, traffic from Samsung phones, which run on Android, account for 30.3 per cent of North American smartphone activity.

The study did not examine education levels among users of other types of smart phones and the authors of the paper caution that the study is by no means comprehensive. However they say it does offer an interesting basis for further study.

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