I’m experiencing sensory overload as I probe, explore, and delight in the Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort and Spa. When you visit this hotel, you are awed (as you should be) by the amazing architecture. With every turn, you will smile at the sight of wonderful sculptures and tropical surroundings. And you will emerge from every delicious meal even more replete than the last. But among the breathtaking beauty and charm of this stunner, one thing pops out – everywhere you go, you will see the “POP” sign. But here, funny enough, it is not a reference to popular music. At Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort and Spa, a designated SMILE resort,  POP refers to “People of Palladium.” The POPs are the peeps! And I can’t say enough about these POPs, as it is the people here that make this all inclusive luxury Jamaica resort totally unforgettable.

Capturing the moment

Early one morning I set out to explore the hotel. This is not a feat for the faint-hearted as the property is expansive, but off I went, camera-in-hand searching for “the shot” – the one picture that would tell a thousand words about my holiday. But it turns out, I could not do it. I could not take  just one picture that would tell the whole story.

I captured beautifully scenic images of a lovely secluded pool nestled in a crook of lush foliage. I have a gorgeous panoramic series of Sunset Cove Beach, Montego Bay, with water sports galore. I can show you shot after shot of my gorgeous room with the even more gorgeous view. But how do I capture the uplifting smile of the gardener as he walked by, or the way the sous chef made me feel when she told me I was “glowing” on her way between kitchens? How do I tell the story of the bartender who spent half an hour regaling me with tales of Portland, a truly unspoiled corner of his country that I now absolutely have to visit? How do I convey the camaraderie we shared with our waiter who joined in our impromptu napkin-folding lesson at dinner one night?  Or describe the contrast between the absolute serenity of the spa and the effervescent enthusiasm of the attendants?

The POPs are tops

The truth is, the Palladium is a large hotel – it offers a “bajillion” (new word I learned on my trip) things to do in Jamaica, for whatever you like to do, and each one of them is offered in its totality! But it is so much more than the sum of its parts – its spirit and people, are amazing. In short, I cannot wait to go back!