Getting ready to enjoy a family vacation, honeymoon, destination wedding or a last minute getaway with your best buds? While planning what to pack, what you’ll wear, and how much fun you’re going to have, your journey through the airport is another thing for which you’ll need to be prepared. After checking in your luggage according to your baggage allowance, managing airport security is another aspect that needs some attention. Airport security has tightened considerably in recent years, and many new rules have been put into place. However, if you follow these rules, and manage your expectations when it comes to security procedures, getting through the security screening should a breeze.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare for a trouble-free airport experience:

Pack appropriately

Minimize any potential delays by packing your carry-on luggage in accordance with the Canadian Airport Transit Security Authority regulations. Don’t over pack your bag, particularly if you’re carrying a laptop, video or film cameras, since you’ll need to remove these items for individual scanning. Also, ensure that any toiletry items are placed in clear plastic bags, with any gels, liquids or aerosols placed into containers of no more than 100 ml/100 g. Your plastic bag should have a maximum capacity of 1 litre (1 quart).

Dress for speed

Since all passengers have to pass through a metal detector, you can do your part to make your security check smooth by dressing in comfortable clothing that is easy to remove. Limit jewellery to a few, small essentials (generally a good idea when travelling anyway), remove any hidden body piercings, and avoid wearing belts with metal buckles. You might consider leaving your hiking boots in your carry-on, and packing your studded, designer shirt or pants in your suitcase.

Keep the communication lines open

If you have metal implants, a hearing aid or another special medical condition, make sure to inform the airline’s Special Services Department at least 48 hours prior to your departure. If you will be travelling with any necessary liquid medication, only small amounts are recommended on the flight, and you must present airport officials with a letter from your doctor. All containers will be screened by x-ray. Any walking sticks or other devices will be inspected by airport officials, and will undergo x-ray screening.

Be on time and be prepared

Typically, the individuals experiencing the most stress during the security screening are those who are running late for their flights. Plan to arrive at the airport early or right on time. These days, airports have a selection of restaurants, bars, and places to shop – great places to kick-start your vacation by taking a moment to relax before you board your flight. Some of them even have gyms on site, and free Wi-Fi. Once it’s time to go through security, have your boarding pass ready, and be as cooperative as possible.

All the above-mentioned tips will make your journey far more pleasant, and are sure to reduce the stress of planning your trip to the tropical destination of your choice.