Due for a vacation? Check. Swimsuit-ready body? Check. Valid Passport? Check. Destination picked out? Check. Got a good deal on your vacation package? Check. Considered getting a room upgrade? …Crickets…

You’re probably thinking, “Why spend a little more on a better room when I’ll be spending all day on the beach anyway?” Well, there’s a bit more to a room upgrade than you think. Read on.

Most people think a room upgrade translates to a larger room, on a higher floor, and if you’re lucky, perhaps with complementary WiFi. Well, you’re more or less on the right track, but there are a few road signs that you may not be paying attention to on your way to planning your much-needed vacation.

Here is a countdown of the top 10 reasons why an upgrade may make the difference between night and day on your tropical holiday:

10. You may be celebrating a special occasion like a birthday, an anniversary, honeymoon, a family reunion, or simply the fact that you have a week or two off from work. Yippy! Make sure to select the “Upgrade your room” option when you are booking online, most hotels (if not all) would be happy to throw in a few bonus features, if not a complete room upgrade if it’s available.

9. Going on a family vacation, travelling with kids or with a large group? I can guarantee that a bigger room would certainly suit your needs, perhaps with a large dining area, separate bathrooms, a fridge/kitchenette, and even better, the option of connecting or adjoining rooms.

8. If you are one of those people who can’t bear to put your darling phone down, even on vacation, then complementary WiFi access from your room may be your lifeline.

7. Want to wake up to the sounds of the waves gliding against the shoreline while you enjoy your morning coffee on the balcony overlooking the ocean? Aaah, excuse me while I daydream for a few seconds… Honestly, who doesn’t like the thought of that? An upgrade to an ocean view room category can fix that.

6. If you have already packed your golf clubs before anything else, and are interested in playing at least 3 rounds of golf while you’re on vacation, some upgraded all inclusive vacation packages feature golf tee times.

5. If romance is in the air, perhaps you are looking to take long walks in the sand with your sweetheart. Some all inclusive resorts are quite large, and depending on your room category, you might have to travel a few extra steps to get to the beach. Upgrading your room could get you closer to the beach or the main amenities of the hotel.

4. Like the thought of having your own Jacuzzi, private pool, or swim-up pool access? All these top-notch features are easy to include in most luxury vacation packages.

3. If you’re travelling with your better half, and are really hoping to enjoy some quality one-on-one time in the sun without getting sand kicked in your face by kids building sand castles, there is hope. Check if there is an adults only section at your resort. While you’re at it, slip in a request to have a private dinner on the beach!

2. Top off your vacation experience, and get the VIP treatment. Take advantage of some of the extra features that are often offered with room upgrades, such as welcome cocktails at check-in, express check-in, discounts on spa services, unlimited a la carte dinners, late check-out, and if you’re travelling with kids, some programs even offer supervised kids clubs. That’s means taking a break from being a parent and letting loose, for a limited time only!

1. Last but not least, the very best reason to upgrade is simple: because you deserve it! It’s time to pamper yourself, you’ve earned it. Some resorts offer room categories that include butler service (both in-room, and on the beach), a pillow menu, an upgraded room service menu, an exclusive beach area, and even an outdoor Jacuzzi.

Once you start booking your vacation online, we have a feeling you won’t be able to resist clicking on the “Upgrade your room” section. Keep in mind that you truly can have it all on your tropical vacation when you choose to upgrade.