Here is a collection of memorable quotes from the Jack Layton tribute at the 2012 NDP convention on Friday, March 23.

"I was a friend and an admirer of Layton. He was a charming guy. We remember him with moments of affection. Someone who turned out to be a great man. It was an honour to be in his company." -- Brian Mulroney

"He was famous for saying, 'Never let them tell you it can't be done,'" -- Sarah Layton

"Take his optimism and let it change the world." -- Mike Layton

"People felt like they were the most important person in the world when they were with Jack," --Brad Lavigne.

"It's not about what his legacy was, but what it will be." -- Olivia Chow

"Each of you carry Jack's vision and dream in your hearts. All of you are the Layton legacy...strong, united, looking forward with optimism and love. Nothing can stand in your way. Go out there and change the world." -- Olivia Chow