(CNN) — Lady Gaga would like to redirect your attention from speculating about future baby monsters to the importance of voting.

The pop superstar adeptly took on false chatter she is pregnant with a TikTok that borrowed from another famous singer.

Gaga uses a voiceover clip in which a person says, “I don’t have to find an aesthetic. I am an aesthetic. I mean, I’m sure there’s somebody out here right now who’s going into Pinterest trying to type all these adjectives to describe me.”

“Not pregnant–just down bad cryin at the gym,” is written over the video.

That’s a line from Taylor Swift’s single “Down Bad,” which is featured on “The Tortured Poets Department.”

Swift took noticed and responded in the comments.

“Can we all agree that it’s invasive & irresponsible to comment on a woman’s body,” Swift wrote. “Gaga doesn’t owe anyone an explanation & neither does any woman.”

Gaga called upon viewers of her TikTok to register to vote on the website, headcount.org.

The singer’s concert film “Chromatica World Tour” recently debuted on HBO. Gaga teased her forthcoming seventh album at the end of the movie.