TORONTO -- Canadian actress Ellen Page is alleging filmmaker Brett Ratner made her feel "violated" with comments about her sexuality and outed her without her consent.

In a posting on Facebook, Page alleges Ratner once suggested to a woman standing next to her that she have sex with her "to make her realize she's gay."

Page says it happened when she was 18, during a pre-production meeting with the cast and crew of 2006's "X-Men: The Last Stand," which Ratner directed.

The Oscar-nominated "Juno" star writes that she had "not yet come out to myself."

It was in 2014 that the Halifax native publicly came out as gay during a speech delivered at a human rights conference.

Page says Ratner had no regard for her well-being and left her with "long standing feelings of shame."

Ratner is facing several allegations of sexual harassment or misconduct, including from Canadian actress Natasha Henstridge, which he has denied.

A representative for Ratner could not be immediately reached for comment about Page's statement.

Page also says in her post that she considers making a film with Woody Allen "the biggest regret of my career."

"I am ashamed I did this. I had yet to find my voice and was not who I am now and felt pressured, because 'of course you have to say yes to this Woody Allen film.' Ultimately, however, it is my choice what films I decide to do and I made the wrong choice. I made an awful mistake," she wrote.

Allen has been accused of molesting his adoptive daughter Dylan Farrow by his ex-partner Mia Farrow. He was investigated for the alleged molestation, but was never charged. He has consistently denied the abuse allegation.