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Cam Woolley

Traffic and Safety Specialist, CP24 BREAKFAST
Cam Woolley

Cam Wooley retired from CP24 in April 2021.

Prior to joining CP24, CP24 BREAKFAST Traffic and Safety Specialist Cam Woolley was a member of the OPP for 30 years, retiring as a Sergeant in the Highway Safety Division in September 2008.

Specializing in traffic crime and collision investigations and enforcement, Woolley has been the lead investigator on many high-profile, precedent-setting, fatal motor vehicle collisions in the Great Toronto Area, involving everything from unsafe rigs and “flying truck wheels” to criminal investigations into hit-and-runs.

His contribution to the enhancement of traffic safety in Ontario is unparalleled, consistently breaking new ground in the field of "forensic mechanics” to utilize computer technology to reconstruct collisions and traffic crimes. Recognized as an expert witness at all levels of Court and Inquests, Woolley’s testimony has resulted in new traffic legislation to improve the safety of Ontario’s roads. He has escorted world leaders, the Pope, and royalty safely along Provincial highways to their destinations, and has been decorated for bravery for his actions in apprehending an escaping bank thief.

As the official traffic spokesman in the GTA for many years, Cam continues to bring traffic safety issues into the media spotlight to promote public awareness and discussion on everything from bad drivers on a holiday weekend, highway design problems, driver fatigue, truck safety, seat-belts, and drunk driving.

In October 2012, CP24’s Cam Woolley was presented with the York Region Labour Award for reporting on the York Region Transit strike of 2011.

In April 2012, Cam Woolley and CP24 were recognized for their gracious support of St. John’s Ambulance. This award was endorsed by The Governor General of Canada, David Johnson.

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