A 17-year-old victim of brazen gunplay on the streets of Mississauga was fatally gunned down as he went to change his shoes, a family friend said Monday.  

Jonathan Davis was fatally shot in a parkette near Morning Star and Goreway Drives after a group of at least seven armed suspects opened fire on a number of individuals filming a rap video in the area on Saturday evening.

Five other people were also wounded in the shooting, including a 13-year-old girl, a 16-year-old boy and two other 17-year-old boys.

Police have said that Davis and some of the other victims were innocent bystanders.

"He was going to his father's house for the weekend,” family friend Selma Alincy told CTV News Toronto.

Alincy said that Davis was outside the apartment complex in his slippers and was headed back inside to put on shoes to go to his father’s place when the gunfire erupted.

Alincy was on the phone with Davis' distraught mother as she ran to try and help her son.

“She called me, she just screamed and said ‘Jonathan,’” Alincy said. “It just happened so fast, she saw the shot to his head and tried to apply pressure.”

She said Davis' mother "was just beside herself."

"No parent should ever go through that, it’s a day that I will never forget.”

Speaking with CP24 earlier Monday at the apartment complex where the shooting took place, Alincy described Davis as a quiet boy who loved to play video games and fix things.

“The family is devastated. He was his father’s right hand. His father is going blind, he is losing his sight and he was his father’s right hand. He was the bigger brother to his younger sisters, he helped out his mother, there is going to be a big void,” she said.

She described Davis' death as "senseless."

“I am trying my best to keep it together just for her (Davis' mother) because she is so torn by this. It is a senseless crime. That day I will never forget. It is so sad. The violence has to stop,” she said.

Police have said that they located in excess of 100 shell casings at the scene of the weekend shooting.

Today, grief counsellors were at Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School, where Davis was a Grade 12 student. The grief counsellors will remain at the school as long as they are required.

A memorial table has also been set up inside the school so students and staff can leave their condolences.

“It is a sad day for the Lincoln M. Alexander Secondary School community,” Peel District School Board spokesperson Ryan Reyes told CP24. “Staff have expressed that Jonathan was a very sweet, very kind boy.”

Reyes said that Davis had an interest in transportation and was in a specialized high school majors program for transportation.

One student at the school, who identified himself as Khalfani, told CP24 that Davis was like an older brother to him.

He said that it is "heartbreaking" to know that gun violence "is still happening in the community."

“He was a kind person, who was always loving and looking out for others,” he said. “When he would walk his little siblings down the road he would always check out just to make sure people were OK. He was very kindhearted.”

Girl shot after going to check out noise at window

One of the victims, 13-year-old Mirvat Jammal, was shot in the hand when she went to her bedroom window to investigate a noise she thought was firecrackers.

"I saw my big sister who was covering her face and sitting on the ground," Jammal said. "I was going to try look out the window and see what happened and at the same time I was trying to close it but I got shot in my hand."

The teen, whose family came here as refugees from Syria, said she's shocked to encounter this sort of violence in Canada.

"I was shocked because I thought it's not going to happen in Canada because we came from Syria to here to be safe. I never thought it would happen like this," she said.

Sporting a cast over her arm and hand, it will be several weeks before Jammal will know if she needs to have surgery.

"We forgot there was a war in Syria, but this guy here (the suspects) reminded us again there's a war," one of Jammal's family members told CTV News Toronto.