Two young brothers are safe after one was nearly hit by a car while roaming an Oshawa street in the middle of the night.

Durham Regional Police say a motorist called them at 2:45 a.m. Thursday after nearly running into a small boy running naked on the street in central Oshawa.

About ten minutes later, officers located a three-year-old boy, naked and without shoes, running on King Street West near Park Road South.

They said he was “unharmed and in good spirits,” but taken to hospital anyways as a precaution.

Officers started to canvas the neighbourhood in an attempt to locate the boy’s home when at 3:18 a.m., they found a second boy, about five-years-old, walking east on Saguenay Avenue at Park Road.

He was clothed and wearing shoes.

He was also taken to hospital for observation.

Officers eventually located their home at 4 a.m. They reached the boys’ mother in what they described as an “unsecure” apartment.

Police say they contacted the local Children’s Aid Society.