City bylaw enforcement officers are currently conducting investigations into 21 illegal cannabis dispensaries that are believed to be operating across Toronto.

In a news release issued on Wednesday, the city said that it is “continuing to make progress” against illegal cannabis retailers and currently has nine bylaw officers focused on enforcement.

The city says that those bylaw enforcement officers are responsible for conducting investigations, issuing closure orders, barring entry into premises and conducting search warrants.

The city says that 41 charges have been laid in connection with the operation of illegal cannabis dispensaries since the drug was legalized in October and work is continuing on the investigations into the 21 suspected illegal dispensaries that continue to operate in the city.

“Individuals charged under the Cannabis Control Act can face fines of up to $250,000 and face imprisonment of two years less a day. Operators that are fined are also no longer eligible to apply for a legal cannabis retail licence under the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario,” the city said in its press release.

Of the 41 charges already filed by bylaw enforcement officers, 15 are before the courts. The other 26 are awaiting a court date.