The Centre for Mental Health and Addictions (CAMH) in Toronto is reporting more cases of COVID-19 as the hospital combats an outbreak of the virus.

On Sunday, the hospital reported one new positive COVID-19 diagnosis in a patient, which is unrelated to their current outbreaks.

In addition, CAMH confirmed on Twitter that three new staff contracted the virus at its Queen Street and Ossington Avenue location.

A COVID-19 outbreak was declared on Unit 2-3 at their Queen Street site, CAMH said on Saturday.

One additional patient and one staff member have tested positive for the virus.

As of Sunday, the hospital had 11 patients and seven staff members who were infected with the virus.

CAMH says any units with an outbreak are closed to admissions and transfers.

After a minimum of 14 days from the onset of the outbreak, unit level outbreaks can be declared over in consultation with Toronto Public Health.

The hospital has opened two isolation units where infected patients can continue to receive mental health care and care for COVID-19.

As of Saturday, 34 patients and 43 staff members have tested positive for the virus since the beginning of the pandemic in March. Two patients have died from the disease.