The widow of former Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny is expected to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly on Tuesday in Ottawa.

Yulia Navalnaya's visit comes four months after her husband's death in a Russian prison, as she vows to continue his work.

Navalny was considered to be President Vladimir Putin's greatest adversary and ran for office to fight against corruption in the government.

He was repeatedly harassed, attacked with chemicals and poisoned with a nerve agent, before being imprisoned.

After his death in February, Trudeau accused Putin of having Navalny executed to stamp out a voice of opposition.

Joly will meet with Navalnaya in Ottawa on Tuesday afternoon, and the two are expected to discuss human rights in Russia and the risks faced by political dissidents.

Navalnaya is also set to meet with Trudeau.

Canada summoned the Russian ambassador for a rebuke over Navalny's death in February, and the federal government has sanctioned some Russian officials connected to Navalny's death.

A statement posted by the Russian embassy on X in February told Canada to stop interfering in Russia's internal affairs.

Russia denies playing any role in Navalny's death and said he died while out for a walk at the Arctic penal colony where he was serving a 19-year sentence.

The Russian embassy has not yet issued any statement regarding Navalnaya's visit to Canada.