A man thought a woman allegedly threatened him with a gun after he complimented her on her perfume, Belleville police say.

Police said they were called to a restaurant on Bell Boulevard in Belleville, Ont. at around 5:30 p.m. on June 3.

When officers arrived, they said they spoke with an intoxicated man outside the restaurant.

According to police, he was trying to start up a conversation with the woman and told her he liked the perfume she was wearing.

He told police she replied that she was carrying a gun.

“When officers spoke to the female, she provided a VERY different account of the events,” the release reads.

The woman explained the name of her perfume was called “Juliette Has a Gun,” a brand that offers a variety of fragrances, including one that comes in a bullet-shaped canister.

Officers corroborated her story with restaurant staff “and a quick Google search.”

Police said the incident was resolved peacefully, and officers ensured the man got home safely afterwards.