The Toronto Police Service (TPS) says its employees have until the end of next month to become fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or else they will be placed on an unpaid absence.

As of Nov. 30, any TPS employee who has not disclosed their vaccination status or is not fully vaccinated against the virus will not be allowed to work, as per their mandatory vaccination policy.

“These members will be placed on an indefinite unpaid absence and will not be permitted to enter TPS buildings or facilities. If and when the member is fully vaccinated and discloses their updated vaccination status, they will be able to return to work,” TPS said in a statement on Thursday.

In addition, employees who are not fully vaccinated by the deadline will be ineligible for a promotion to supervisory or management ranks or positions.

Employees with a medical exemption or another exception, in accordance with the Human Rights Code, will be accommodated, the TPS says.

In September, the Toronto Police Association (TPA) told its members they would not face any punishment for not disclosing their COVID-19 vaccine status by the deadline.

To date, 90 per cent of TPS employees have disclosed their vaccination status.

Of those who disclosed their status, 97 per cent have had at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine and 94 per cent have had two doses and are considered fully vaccinated.

All uniformed and civilian staff were required to disclose proof of vaccination by Sept. 13.

TPA President Jon Reid told CP24 Thursday that the union is urging all of its members to get vaccinated.

"It is critical to note that the Toronto Police Association (TPA) encourages all members to get vaccinated. We also have a duty of fair representation, which means that we must continue to represent and support all members regardless of their choice. Additionally, the TPA must fulfill its obligation to protect the individual employment of our members and maintain a safe workplace for all."

He added that the TPA would work to "minimize the jeopardy" the new policy causes its members.

The TPS first announced its mandatory vaccine policy in August, following the lead of the Ontario Public Service, the City of Toronto, several Toronto hospital networks and major sporting franchises in the city who implemented COVID-19 vaccine policies.