Just in time for warmer weather, the TTC has released a statement saying that sweaty subway cars are not expected to be a problem this summer.

“In anticipation of a predicted high of 29 degrees this Wednesday, the TTC is advising customers that crews have worked hard over the past seven months to ensure that customers who travel on Line 2 Bloor-Danforth can do so comfortably,” the transit agency said in a news release Monday.

The TTC says that it has spent $7.5 million “to aggressively attack the hot car issue.”

“Through an ambitious $13 million program to repair and rebuild the bottom-mounted heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems on the older T1 cars, the TTC will be able to fully service the line with cool cars this week and through the summer,” the statement read.

Last year, many customers using Line 2 suffered an uncomfortably hot and stuffy ride as the TTC struggled to repair the air conditioning units on a number of older cars on the line.

Customers who couldn’t handle the heat were advised to switch to another car with air conditioning or to wait for another train.

One customer fed up with the stuffy ride even challenged Mayor John Tory to ride the entire line in an un-air conditioned car so that he could experience the discomfort first-hand – a challenge he accepted.

“While putting hot cars into service was unavoidable last year due to a shortage of functioning HVAC systems, this year enough have been repaired or overhauled to run only cool cars,” the TTC statement read.  “In the event that a car's system malfunctions while in service, the TTC will be able to quickly remove and replace the affected train.”

The TTC said crews have rebuilt HVAC systems on 151 cars and repaired those on another 63 cars.

To reduce HVAC breakdowns in the long term, systems in all 370 older cars will be overhauled by the end of 2017.