A dead snake measuring more than seven feet was pulled from the Credit River on Monday afternoon, says Mississauga Animal Services (MAS).

A video circulating on social media shows what looks to be a large grey- and black-coloured snake partially submerged in the water near the shore. A duck is seen floating nearby for most of the 1:42 clip. The reptile does not move at all in the footage.

Animal services confirmed that they received a call on Monday afternoon about a snake and retrieved a “deceased boa” on Monday afternoon at Erindale Park, on the shoreline of the Credit River.

“It appears that an otherwise healthy snake succumbed to the conditions,” they said in a statement provided to CP24, noting that the reptile is estimated to be over seven feet in length.

Mississauga Animal Services said that the snake in question is likely a non-native species, possibly a red-tail boa constrictor. This type of snake needs a “much warmer climate and temperatures for survival,” they noted.

The service is urging anyone who locates any animals like this to call them at 905-896-5858.