Security footage from a Hamilton beauty salon shows the moment in which an esthetician was allegedly attacked by a client after a disagreement over services.

Elva Loncaric, owner of Elva Beauty, located on Concession Road, told CTV News Toronto the incident happened on Wednesday at approximately 4 p.m.

Just prior to the incident, Loncaric said she was notified by her employee that a client in the salon was dissatisfied with the services provided and that the situation appeared to be escalating.

“My staff member texted me saying the client was being rude and didn’t like the service,” Loncaric said in an interview Friday. "The woman was yelling, and trying to get out of payment."

She said her employee sent her a photo of the services, which she deemed to be standard.

She said the client then demanded the employee finish the service, to which the employee refused. Loncaric said she called the salon and could overhear yelling in the background, so she said she advised her employee to call the police.

“I said, ‘Listen, we’ve got a very angry customer here and my staff member isn’t feeling comfortable,” she said.

At that moment, she said she heard crashing over the phone. She later learned this is when the alleged attack took place.

A security camera in the salon captured video that appears to show an altercation between two women behind the counter of the salon.

A woman in a grey vest and a white shirt can be seen grabbing at another woman’s phone, before wrapping an arm around her neck and grappling with her.


Hamilton Police Service confirmed to CTV News Toronto its officers responded to a disturbance at a commercial business located on Concession Street on March 22.

“Since the day of the incident, police have entered into an investigation which remains ongoing,” a spokesperson for the service said.

Loncaric said she arrived at the salon minutes after the police and requested she and her employee give written statements in full. Instead, she says police told her that would not be necessary and to come into the station on Monday – at the time, five days away.

No charges were placed at the time, she said, and the pair have still not given their full statements.

“I have the video, she clearly assaulted her,” Loncaric said, adding that, when they checked the client logs, they found the suspected perpetrator had used a fake name and number to secure the appointment.

Loncaric says is looking forward to giving her full statement and that she hopes it will aid police in finding the person responsible.  

In the meantime, she says her employee is recovering at home but remains in pain.

“She’s in pain, she’s having nightmares, she doesn’t feel safe,” she said.