It may be a while before CP24's Jamie Gutfreund gets his voice back.

After all screaming in terror for three solid minutes would make anyone a little hoarse.

In what may be one of his most bizarre segments, Gutfreund strapped himself into the newest roller coaster at Canada's Wonderland Sunday morning and took viewers along for the terrifying three and a half minute ride.

"Oh. Oh my. Oh my. I'm trying not to be nervous, trying not to scream like a girl, but it's still going" Gutfreund said as the Leviathan climbed up to it's 306 foot high starting point. "The things I do for CP24."

Almost on cue the lead car Gutfreund was travelling in made it over the hump, reaching speeds of almost 150 kilometres an hour as it barreled down the track at an 80 degree angle.

A cell phone camera duck tapped to Gutfreund's hand captured his reaction as he screamed from beginning to end, only pausing to breathe.

Somehow Gutfreund did manage to sign off at the end.

You may want to adjust your volume before watching this must see video.