An 18-year-old has been charged with stunt driving after being clocked travelling 191 km/hr with his younger sisters in the car, according to the Ontario Provincial Police.

According to OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt, the driver said he had received “bad news” just before being pulled over in the area of Highway 400 and Finch Avenue.

In a tweet, Schmidt said that in addition to stunt driving, the driver has received a 30-day licence suspension, and his vehicle has been impounded for 14 days.

This incident follows a similar stunt driving case earlier this week, when a 26-year-old driver was clocked travelling nearly 100 kilometres over the speed limit in Brampton. He allegedly toldpolice “he needed to use the bathroom,” and had his licence suspended for 30 days and his car impounded for two weeks.

GTA police forces have been cracking down on stunt driving in recent months, with York Regional Police reporting 650 charges so far in 2023 as of Sept. 1. Project ERASE, made up of task forces across the GTA, has resulted in over 4,000 stunt driving charges in Peel Region since 2018.