A current city councillor and a council hopeful are speaking out against literature circulating a Toronto neighbourhood targeting a Toronto District School Board trustee candidate.

In a statement released Friday, Coun. Mike Layton and candidate Joe Cressy denounced what they described as “hate attacks” targeting TDSB Ward 10 candidate Ausma Malik.

A door hanger obtained by CP24 makes a number of allegations against Malik, including that she spoke at a rally supporting Hezbollah, raised money and rallied support for the Toronto 18, and that she was a central player in a rigged student government election at the University of Toronto.

“Is being politically correct more important than asking who will be shaping our children’s curriculum and world views?” the flyer reads. “Let’s ask the right questions about this candidate and make sure a radical political agenda isn’t forced on our impressionable kids.”

The bottom of the leaflet states that it was produced by “concerned parents” in the ward, and lists three web addresses to obtain further information. 

Speaking with CP24 Friday afternoon, Cressy called the door hanger and other materials being circulated “unacceptable.”

“I’ve known (Malik) for years, and she’s a smart, experienced, dedicated community leader in downtown Toronto,” he said. “She’s worked for years to promote an inclusive public education system.”

According to Cressy, three separate leaflets have been distributed over the last few days, and that police are currently investigating.

Robocalls targeting Malik have also been made, he said.

“I have deep concerns about our city here when I hear this,” Cressy said. “There is growing hatred that is bubbling to the surface. It’s incumbent on all of us to stand up and condemn this type of hate when it happens.”