A video has surfaced on social media showing a commuter sticking their hands out of a moving subway train that appears to be missing a pane of glass.

The 11-second video was posted to the social media platform Tik Tok.

It appears as though the individual is filming the video while leaning out the window of a door on the train as it approached the platform at St. George Station.

Speaking with CP24 on Friday, TTC spokesperson Stuart Green said that the damage was likely the result of vandalism that is believed to have occurred on Jan. 16.

He said that TTC officials became aware of the damage “within a few hours of it actually happening” and then immediately took the train out of service so that it could undergo repairs.

The plane of glass, he said, was later found on the platform of a subway station.

“It was a bit disturbing to see someone on social media posting this video with them sticking their arm or head out of the window. That should not have been the case. They should have immediately reported it so that we could have taken it out of service at that time,” Green said. “If someone is hanging out that window and it (the train) is exiting the station and entering a tunnel something very tragic could happen quite frankly and of course if it (the train) is in service there is a chance that debris could fly in and hit someone.”

Green said that the TTC inspects trains before they go into service each morning but would have no way of knowing about damage caused by vandalism while the trains are running.

He said that it is important that anyone who sees damage report it rather than post about it on social media.

“We understand everyone wants their viral moment, social media is fun but this is a very serious safety concern for us,” he said.


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