It seems that Toronto’s unseasonably frigid weather has brought an unexpected guest in from the cold.

Commuters riding the Yonge subway line Tuesday morning found themselves face to face with a fellow commuter apparently fed up with the weather he’s famous for enduring.

Dressed head-to-toe in an abominable snowman costume, a mystery rider posed for photos and greeted other TTC customers.

“He was just riding the subway and letting people take pictures of him,” TTC rider and NewsTalk 1010 Producer Britt Aharoni told “It made the morning commute quite pleasant though, everyone was having a blast and laughing.”

Apparently concerned with fitting in to his unfamiliar surroundings, the furry rider was spotted reading a copy of the landmark social skills tome, “How to win friends and influence people.”

While it wasn’t quite clear exactly what prompted the creature to ride the rocket Tuesday, temperatures in the city plummeted to an unseasonably cold -9 C, feeling more like -19 C with the wind chill. According to CP24 Weather Specialist Jill Colton, those temperatures are more characteristic of January.

But while the grizzly creature apparently brightened the commute for riders, he nevertheless ran afoul of at least one important transit protocol, TTC spokesperson Brad Ross told in an email.

“We ask that all abominable snowmen wear proper footwear and use only one seat while riding the subway in consideration of fellow travelers,” Ross said.

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