Police have now located all three of the missing students who investigators say may have been the victim of a ransom scam involving their parents in China.

According to police, a suspect or suspects contacted the students and told them to go into hiding and to stay off their cellphones and social media. The students, police allege, were warned that their family back home in China would be in danger if they did not comply.

The suspects, police say, then told family members that the students had been kidnapped and demanded a large sum of money to secure their release.

No actual abductions are believed to have taken place.

Over the weekend, police confirmed that 20-year-old Juanwen Zhang, who they believe was targeted in the scam, was located.

On Monday, two other missing students, 17-year-old Yue ‘Kandy’ Liu and 16-year-old Ke “Jaden” Xu, were also found safe.

Investigators have not yet released any information about possible suspects in the case.