Toronto police are investigating an incident of alleged road rage against a cyclist that was caught on camera.

Dafydd Hughes told CTV News Toronto he was travelling along College Street around 7 p.m. on May 30 when he was cut off by an angry driver.

Hughes had merged into the lane to go around a vehicle that was merging right.

A camera mounted to his bike captures the sound of honking. A red vehicle is then seen driving in front of him at a high rate of speed before stopping, despite the green light at the intersection.

“It was close enough to scare me,” Hughes said. “The motorist cut me off and started shouting some pretty awful things—a lot of homophobic stuff and eventually a threat.”

The driver could be heard on the video yelling at Hughes, calling him stupid before using homophobic slurs.

The light at the intersection turns red and the driver continues to yell as Hughes asks him if he is okay.

“It felt scary, but also normal,” Hughes said

“This sort of violence and aggression is something that you face as a cyclist in Toronto, not consistently, not every day, but certainly enough to have it always in your mind.”

Lawyer and cycling advocate David Shellnutt said he was shocked to see the incident but not surprised. He said while there was no contact, there was a “clear move with the vehicle to weaponized it” and that this could lead to dangerous driving or threat of assault charges.

“We have cases where vehicles have been weaponized against cyclists or drivers have gotten out of their car and physically assaulted cyclists,” he said.

“This is a serious issue on our roads that needs to be addressed by all levels of government to the very top.”

In a statement to CTV News Toronto, Deputy Mayor Jennifer Mekelvie said these kinds of incidents are not acceptable.

“I understand there is a police investigation underway, and I'm sure the police will be dedicating every resource needed to follow up on that case,” she said.

“It's extremely disappointing to hear about incidences of road rage like that towards cyclists are happening and continue to happen. It's not acceptable. I hope the cyclist is OK and that justice will be done in this case and any case like it.”

Toronto police confirmed a report was filed on June 1 and they are investigating.

With files from CTV News Toronto's Mike Walker