Around 90 postal workers are now isolating at home after Peel Public Health used a new section 22 order to shut down a shift at a mail facility in Mississauga.

Over the past week, 12 employees have tested positive for COVID-19 at the Toronto Exchange Office within Canada Post’s Gateway West facility at 4567 Dixie Road.

In a statement, Canada Post said it informed employees on Tuesday that Peel Public Health has directed that Shift 3 (afternoon shift) employees in the office must leave work and self-isolate for 10 days.

The Postal service said that it is working with public health and they received the order for the workers to go home and isolate today.

“Canada Post continues to provide voluntary onsite rapid COVID-19 testing to all employees and contractors at our Gateway facility,” Canada Post said in a. statement. “Any employees who test positive must leave the workplace and self-isolate. In each case, Public Health is notified, and employees and the union are informed. Paid leave provisions are in place to support employees.”

Canada Post said the affected office is where international mail arrives to be reviewed and cleared by the Canada Border Services Agency.

“Contingency plans are being implemented to minimize customer impacts. Any customer expecting an international mail item should track their item online and expect delays,” Canada Post said.

CUPW Toronto President Qaiser Maroof told CP24 that he wants to see mobile vaccination clinics brought in to immunize postal workers.

“It has been confirmed that Canada Post follows the Peel Public Health directives, and if that is the case, then where is the mobile unit at our parking lot?” Maroof said. “What is Peel Public Health waiting for? We have an outbreak, and we are in a hotspot zone. Why the delay? Vaccinate our members right now.”

Postal facilities have been hit by a number of COVID-19 outbreak throughout the pandemic.

Maroof said other outbreaks could follow given how many people work in the facility.

“The members are working under the same roof. So it's a huge, humungous workplace — 4,500-plus members are working — so of course, there is a probability, of course,” he said.

Peel and Toronto have issued Section 22 orders allowing the health units to fully or partially close workplaces where five or more COVID-19 cases have occurred within the past week.

Amazon and Canadian Tire are among the other business in Peel that have been hit with partial workplace closures over the past few days.